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    If you have a Store or selling too many items, you can request to become a Special Seller. As a special seller all your items are promoted at one place being easier for the users to find them. For more information contact us.


    In order to make your classifieds known to more people, another tip for you is to click on your ad and then press the facebook share button at the bottom left corner of your ad and share it in a group or on your wall at facebook. If you are still not satisfied with the number of views your ad has, you can try our paid ads (featured area banners) or to promote it by pressing promote button under your account.


     If you are selling a car, you can print  our sales flyer which could be seen by potential buyers that are familiar with our website and they might search for your car at The link for the flyer is located at the bottom left layout of our website. Another option is to contact us and request a full banner that links to your classified. For more information about advertising banners and prices click here. do not participate in or perform any transactions done with the sellers.


      As an advice avoid doing transactions with people outside Cyprus expecially the ones that claim that they have an agent that will come and pick up the item(s) you sell. If your item(s) worth a lot and you still want to give it a try to sell them abroad, it is good to come in direct contact with the buyers and keep some kind of evidence about your actions. One dirty trick that some buyers do is to issue a check or use paypal to send a higher amount than that you asked for and after they pick up the item(s) you send they request their money back from the bank or paypal stating that there was a mistake with the amount paid.


       We would finally like to wish you good sales. If you find anything illegal or anything else that we may have too look at it , don't hesitate to contact us. This action might protect other people. Thank you.